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My name is Steven Chesney Jr. they call me “Stretch” in the Property of God Motorcycle Ministry.  I have been Property of God Ministries Assistant Pastor for about a year. I am married to the “Love of my Life”, Emily, of 13 years. We have 2 of the most Amazing, Beautiful and Thank You Jesus “Born Again-Saved” Daughters; Chloe age 13 and Camye age 10.

Let me give you a little background on myself. I went to Eustace School from 1st grade till the time I graduated from High School, so I am from here. I have gone to Church as far back as I can remember; if the doors were open we were there.

Back in 1994 at the age of 16, I asked the Lord to live in my heart and be in my life, then, at the age of 18 I committed myself to the Lord to be a Youth Pastor. Soon after there was a time in my life, around the age of 19 or 20, I stepped out of the Lord’s will for my life. For about 10 years my wife and I tried to do everything on our own and let me tell you w/o Jesus in your life it does not work. If you want to hear our testimony for those 10 years just ask. Thank You Jesus! about 2 ½ years ago the Lord brought my wife and I back to him. I can remember the day it happened; it was the first time I came to this Church, I can remember how the Lord spoke to me on that day. It was the best day in 10 years and the turning point in my life. Since that time my family and I have given our lives back to Jesus and we have been living everyday for the Lord.

 If you want that same feeling we had; come join us here at “Property of God Ministries” anytime. We also have a great band called P.O.G. with wonderful Praise and Worship music. Remember it is a “Come just as you are” Church.

 "Give Praise and Glory to God"

Steven “Stretch” Chesney


Pastor Steven "Stretch" Chesney

Emily, Chloe & Camye