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Pastor Delores "DD" Chesney


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I was born and raised in California, but, wound up here in Texas back in 1969 where I met my wife Delores. We were married in May of 1970. The Marine Corp sent me to Vietnam shortly after in July of 1970.  When I returned I got to see my oldest daughter for the first time.  We had our second daughter in March of 1972 while I was still in the Marine Corp.  I guess being a Marine was not enough for me so after a year break I joined the U.S. Army in 1976. In 1978 we had a son. In 1980 I had enough of the Service.

Little did I know; My Wife had been praying for almost 20 years when the Lord tugged on my heart and I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in November of 1989.  After visiting and joining several Churches, I gave up on the Church life. I was tired of the Hypocrites. We stopped going to church and started living our lives the way "WE" wanted too.  Well making a long story short; in 2007 we were invited to come visit this little church in the woods, back then it was Purtis Creek Baptist Church. I made several excuses why I shouldn't go that Wednesday evening, but, wound up there at 7:00pm.  We decide to make it our home. I felt a calling about 6 months later and was made Associate Pastor. A year or so later on a Saturday night during a PeaceMaker Conference we were hosting a Pastor (Phillip Derber) who was here with his Christian Band started Preaching. Then he asked if any one wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. Well,  "I had seen this kind of stuff on TV and it was not for me". As, the people started going to the altar and people were going down, I felt a pull that I never had felt before.  So as I headed up there my wife and I decided we wanted to prove him wrong. We were not going down!! WRONG... no sooner did he touch my forehead "In The Name Of Jesus"  I woke up on the floor and my life has never been the same. Praise Be to God.

I have since accepted an Ordination & Licensing from Grace Ministries, Lexington, Kentucky and our little church, now Property of God Ministries, is part of Grace Fellowship Ministries.

COME JOIN US,  God may be calling you to be part of Our Family.

"The Word is the Truth and the Truth is from God"


"Seek first the kingdom of God  and  His Righteousness,

and all things shall be added to you" - Matthew 6;33 

By the way that woman I mentioned in the first part of this; We celebrated 40 years together back in May!!


Pastor Steve "Doc" Chesney


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