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"Jesus is Lord"



 Steve "Doc" Chesney





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 Pastor Delores "DD" Chesney

I came to know Christ Jesus as my Savior at an early age of 8 through a song called “In to my heart”.  I didn’t know all the Bible or how to ask Jesus into my heart, but I knew I was a sinner and that I wanted Him in my heart even at this early age in my life.  I knew after I sang the song in a prayer to my Savior, I had Jesus in my heart and He was always there with me.  At 12, I followed Christ in water baptism.  I always had a strong pull to attend church and learn about God, but it wasn’t until the age of 16 when I understood I needed to make Christ the Lord of my Life.  This was a big turning point in my life!  I spent my summer serving as a Child Evangelist where I taught small classes of children, showing them how to come to know Jesus, using the wordless book of colors.  I knew then I wanted to serve the Lord full time with my life, but, it wasn’t in His plan at that time.  I met my husband during the next school year and we were married 8 months later.  Forty years later, after raising three wonderful children and having six beautiful grandchildren, I finally got Baptized in the Holy Spirit!  I am not longer tied down to just being “religious” and now fully understand what the Good Lord has planned for my life!  The Word of God is more “Alive” to me now than every before in my life!  I look forward to what He has in store for me and the rest of my life!